Community Lunch Rhetorical Analysis Argument

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For over thirty years, Community Lunch has worked with hundreds of volunteers to provide hot meals and other essential services to the community. They serve four meals a week – two lunches and two suppers – in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Meals are free and open to the general public. In addition to hot meals, they provide clothing, sleeping bags, gloves, socks, and toiletries, plus resources to apply for housing. Their work is best described by their purpose: “feeding the community, serving the community, creating community” (Community Lunch). Although Community Lunch primarily serves the homeless and food insecure population, which can be seen by the rhetoric they use on their social media, they emphasize the words “community” and “open to all” to show that they help the whole community, whether it be by providing food or opportunities (Community Lunch). This allows Community Lunch to reach a wide range of potential donors and volunteers who want to give back to the community through donating and serving. Community Lunch is able to present itself as not simply a “homeless feeding program” but as a true community-involved event, by appealing to volunteers who share their value…show more content…
Community Lunch on Capitol Hill has done an exceptional job at providing food, supplies, and resources to the local food insecure and homeless population. They are able to do this through their rhetoric on social media, which portrays them not as a “homeless feeding program”, but as a community-driven effort that helps everyone. This has proven successful in attracting widespread support from volunteers and food donors alike. Community Lunch has set an example for the fight against homelessness by asserting that the homelessness effort is a community driven effort. The American people need to know that homelessness is an issue that affects everyone and, therefore, is the responsibility of everyone to solve
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