Community Oriented Policing Philosophy Examples

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Why this philosophy is so important. I’ve seen the Community Oriented Policing Philosophy work from first-hand experience. While working with the partnerships I’d established, the area I patrolled appeared to grow together in a myriad of ways with community oriented policing. I witnessed crime drop in the area I was assigned, especially violent crime. I felt a sense of togetherness with the residents, clergy, schools and businesses in the area. We were all working together to accomplish several goals. The residents and I had a very positive relationship where they could contact me on my cell phone if they had a problem they needed to discuss. I enjoyed working in that area utilizing different crime and problem solving strategies, especially…show more content…
All officers who have not had the opportunity to employ this philosophy should do so as soon as possible. It will make your job so much easier. Establishing relationships with the community is always very important, and so is earning their trust. Community Oriented Policing does that and more. Examples of Community Oriented Policing In the late 1990’s, I utilized the community oriented policing philosophy to address a drug dealing house which was causing a very big problem in the neighborhood. From all the neighborhood complaints, this home appeared to be a drug dealing paradise. Several cars would drive up to the house at all hours of the day and night, and they would park on the curb. Someone would come out of the home, greet the driver and reach into the car. Drivers would make a hand to hand exchange then drive off. A telling sign for drug dealing. The neighborhood leaders and residents called me and filled me in on the events going on at that location. They would watch and report events during the time I was not around, usually the days I was off duty. When I was on duty, I would do behind the scenes work on the computer, running pertinent information, which would help to…show more content…
Although each may be incorporated as part of a broader strategic community-policing plan, these programs are not community policing. Rather, community policing is an overarching philosophy that informs all aspects of police business. “that promotes organizational strategies” Community policing emphasizes changes in organizational structures to institutionalize its adoption. Agencies should be aligned to support partnerships and proactive problem solving in areas such as training, hiring, reward and authority structures, technology, and deployment. “which support the systematic use of

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