Community Policing Partnerships: Media Analysis

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Running head: 1 COMMUNITY POLICING PARTNERSHIPS 2 1 COMMUNITY POLICING PARTNERSHIPS 2 1 Community Policing Partnerships Claudett P Hillotero Columbia Southern University July 28, 2016 Community Policing Partnerships Community Member Anonymous community is an indigenous society that prefers living traditionally. They rarely intermingle with other people from the progressive city. The city dwellers consider them obnoxious because they did not accept change, preferring to live in their old houses without upgrading the infrastructure of the community. The media keeps on reporting news daily about the community. They portray the community as a one that is full of crime and the members seem comfortable with it. It is important for the media…show more content…
The media should therefore try to get the right information from the police to help them to reveal the exact information to the nation. This way the community will feel obliged to inform the media of any information that might be of help to the community (Miller et al., 2014). 2 The police and the media can easily address crime in the community by cooperating with the members. The media should not only post the negative information but they should research and find the cause of the increased gangs. It is also important for the media to note that crime is everywhere and it is unfair to view Anonymous Community as one fool of criminals. By taking the time to analyze the community, the media will realize that the members of the community are not ignorant of crimes since they also fall victims to the…show more content…
This will help them cooperate with the press, as the press will reveal only verified information to the public. The police will also be accountable to the media by offering them the information they need in time. This will aid in speeding up investigations thus delivering justice and dealing with the outlaws in due course. When the media reveal only true information about the community, the community will feel the need to cooperate with them so that they can create a safer community. A good relationship with the media will help to create a peaceful society in a great way (Miller et al.,
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