Community Policing Research Paper

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Racial Tension One way the media has attempted to make a suggestion towards reform is suggesting that police departments hire more racially diverse officers to reduce the amount of racial bias and boost police professionalism (Weitzer, 2015). Policing had been a segregated profession in the past. For example, minority African American officers used to have their own marked car, dressed and got ready for their work shift in a different dressing area and had to call a Caucasian police officer to make an arrest when one was needed () as they did not have the right to although they worked for the same department. Racial bias is not a thing of the past as some may feel the need to believe. America remains a color-conscious society and true racial equality is a dream (Thernstrom & Thernstrom, 1997). Racial bias is just as present as wage discrimination of higher pay for men as compared…show more content…
Educational institutions, local businesses and the media are all powerful tools and influences for the youth and adults. In modern America, most everyone has access to the internet or can access the internet via the public library.
Social Media influence and tunnel vision
Community Policing The community policing style may not work for all communities due to the lack of trust already present however reaching out in alternative ways to encourage community policing is an alternative. For example, having an event such as Coffee-with-cops where members of the community are able to speak to their law enforcement without feeling intimidated, but rather in a roundtable type of setting.
Hot Spot Policing Although the down-fall and impact of hot spot policing is that crime can quickly eradicate crime however, just as fast as it disappears, it returns, Rosenfeld, Deckard & Blackburn (2014) found hot-spot policing is a well-researched tactic used by law enforcement to reach “short-run” reductions in
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