Community Policing Vs Traditional Policing

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The traditional semi-military structure of policing is very different from the structure of team policing. The traditional style of policing utilized in a hierarchy which is military style also have operations which are in the style of a military (Hixson, 2015). Since mankind originated, there has been conflict. As people changed, their conflicts also changed. It is this change of conflicts which led to armies existing in the community. These military styles of policing were intended to protect the citizens and guarantee the enforcement of the law (Myhill & Bradford, 2013). For traditional policing, the military style has served the police well in many ways. It has developed a disciplinary structure in which regular people who have been hired…show more content…
According to Hixson (2015), the implementation of the paramilitary composition is founded on the fact that the police work together with the military and most police departments all over the world developed from the military. Overall, police departments have different roles which include fighting and preventing crime, emergency response services such as first aid and firefighting, protecting the rights of the constitution for the citizens, controlling traffic, resolving conflicts, and many others (Kania & Davis,…show more content…
Community policing includes citizens when trying to discover the answers to the problems. It also tries to eradicate the fear that has been in the public and maintain order in society. The police attack this in a strategic method such that the relationship between the community and the police is retained. Before any matter by the community police is handled, they initially have to make certain that a camaraderie between their system and the public is built (Hofstede, 2013). This is done through team policing which officially started in 1970 after the realization that the policies of the police department could not work better unless the community was involved (Carter, Phillips, & Gayadeen, 2014). The police were separated from the community and regarded as enemies to the general public. This made crime control completely problematic. The police needed to work cohesively with the community in order to eliminate further occurrences of crime, so officers were placed in different areas of the community in order to study the behavior of the citizens in society (Myhill & Bradford,

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