Community Reflection

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Western society heavily values independence and self-reliance, missing out on the benefits that come from a sense of community. In our search for independence, we lose out on the important things that a strong sense community can offer. Over the last few decades, our society has forgotten the value of being a part of a group. Instead, we have created a society where isolation flourishes. As a group, we have the power to accomplish incredible feats, that no single person could ever do. As our focus turns inwards we miss out on the social, professional and personal successes we can create as part of a team. Feelings of isolation and loneliness in Western society have drastically increased over the last few decades, as our societies become more focused on the individual. Over time this feeling of loneliness can manifest in mental illnesses like anxiety or depression. As a society, we are losing touch with the value of community and its role in a happy society. While collectivism is not without historical follies, being part of a positive community has changed my outlook on life. In 2013 I attended my first quidditch practice and for the first time in my life, I understood the desire to be part of a community. Over the years I have been part of a variety of organizations, but I never felt a true sense of belonging. The quidditch community accepts me for who I am and influences me to become a better person. Being part of this wonderful community, I have gained a sense of

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