Community Relationship In School

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It is important to note that poor school community relationship harm the effectiveness of delivery in schools. Poor relations with neighbours or local community divert too much resources in-term of time and money from the schools thus affecting the proper running of the school. The possible causes for the poor school and community relations are-:
The school administrations generally suffer from lack of intergrity. School community relationship is no exception. The school administrations lose their grip over the areas school community relationship. Consequently it is found school community relationship become unreliable day by day. When the principals lose their honesty and trust, the teachers, parents and students would not care to take them seriously.
There is a continuous unrest in every part of the society like demonstrations and strikes affects teachers, parents and students who suffer due to the reason of their own choice. This unrest requires simple provokes from the society either school or community to come into the open and cause a big problem for school community relationship. Labour movements and human right activists among parent and students further makes worse of the situation and exploits every cause for grievance. External forces always exploit every chance available for creating trouble between schools and communities.
Individualism has become very rampant thus inhibiting the collective thinking and action in the spheres of school community relationship due
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