Community Responsibility And Responsibility

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Community Responsibility & Engagement

Community development is about helping people to improve the quality of their lives. It refers to communities and public organizations working together to achieve social justice and bring about change by identifying and meeting the community’s needs.

Neighborhood organizations, councils, and HOAs can assist in engaging citizens to maintain a balance of community and neighborhood goals and interests. However, residents should work among themselves to increase citizen involvement. Local governments are unaware of many community issues and cannot solve problems alone. Residents often have information that officials need in order to design a sound plan or program.

Sometimes, a community might lack the skills and confidence needed to communicate effectively. In this case, engagement becomes a vital piece to help build flourishing communities where people are actively involved. It is important for residents and local government to work together to foster citizenship and civic engagement.

Civil liberties provide the critical foundations which enable people to participate without fear and to disagree peacefully with each other and with their government. Basic human rights including freedom of speech, expression and the press –– freedom of religion –– freedom of assembly and association –– and the right to due judicial process are critical in supporting a political culture where citizens are willing and able to participate in public

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