Community Service In The Community

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Where I live, Wyandotte County, is always thought of the poorest county in Kansas. Not many people live in the area compared to other big counties. When going around the neighborhood many building and houses are abandoned. Families are living in house that are falling apart, others are homeless. Many students drop out, if they continue school they leave and never look back. Health care is really bad in my community. Many people are undocumented or poor. Not everyone has the resources to go to the doctor. I want that to be different. Every night gunshots can be heard in the distance. Not long ago, I heard gunshots around 3 AM. I woke up scared and couldn’t fall back asleep. I remember years ago my neighborhood was really calm but now something always happens. I don’t want other children to be scared to go outside or sleep. I want to make…show more content…
I loved the way it made me feel. When I started to help, I did it as a way to get community service. I thought it was the best experience. I decided I wanted to keep helping out even if I did not need community service hours. I felt comfortable being around kids. I have always wanted to specialize in something that involved children. Having this opportunity made me completely sure that I wanted to be around children for the rest of my life. The teachers would always ask me for help and for me it felt right. It felt like I belonged there. I gained a lot of knowledge as an individual. I was able to help them out the kids and they ended up loving me. I received a lot of confidence and knowledge about children. Helping every day for a while helped me overcome my shyness. Kids make me very happy and I now know I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life working with them. Family members and friends always told me I would get bored of it and I would change my career. I have been sure of going to the medical field ever since I was in the 5th
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