Community Service In The United States

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The United States should have national service programs, but participation should be voluntary. There are many services that people can do. Each that fits someone’s likings. However, if you don’t like what you’re doing you won’t do it your highest abilities. People who choose to do it tend to do better than people who are forced to do it because they want to do it. Being forced to do community services goes against the right to freedom we have in America. You shouldn’t be forced, it’s your chose. It also takes away time to work on jobs, college, and time with family and friends. The students have other important commitments than doing something that they are forced to do. Many people could lose their jobs because time spent on service. The jobs given could put inexperienced people in a situation they could not handle, making problems even worse. Some students need money from a job, but going to serve doesn’t give them any money. Many people want to go to college right after high school to complete their education and to be able to get a good job. Going to college could allow the student to learn many things you cannot learn from the service, and allow the student to have a better education. Many students have plans to get into a career right after college, but that time would be wasted doing service. By the time the year is up, the opportunities that were there before would be gone. Teenagers are often busy. They can easily become overwhelmed with…show more content…
People should certainly not be forced to perform tasks against their will. It is wrong for the government to force young people to volunteer. You could be helping the environment in many ways not just by doing community service. For example just by picking up trash when you see in the ground is very helpful. You are doing that at your own will but it still helps the environment in a big way. If someone wants to volunteer then they should do it on their own
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