Community Service Literature Review

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What is community service? It is all about working without payment and sharing what you possess with less fortunate people in the community. However, it does not have to be financial service that is rendered to deprived sections of society. It can even be a form of service where students are encouraged to spend their valuable time in the company of a section of society that is often ignored and neglected by humanity. There are plenty of elderly senior citizens in old age homes who are on the brink of insanity due to the fact that they don’t get to see their loved ones too often. They may suffer from emotional trauma apart from physical ailments. English language Faculty does have an obligation to enhance the writing and speech skills of young people and build some awareness on social responsibilities. The aim and purpose of this study is to illustrate how a scaffolding activity carried out through a visit to an old age home in the Middle East proved to be beneficial. Literature Review It is widely assumed that EFL, ESL and EAP students struggle to understand the genre approach that is a part of the writing process. In addition, students strive to gain some mastery over communicative skills. Faculty cannot take it for granted that students know how to organize or interpret ideas and express them using the target language.…show more content…
It proved beyond a doubt that the academic prompts and tasks that are given to students do matter. An outdoor experience that involved talking to strangers and gathering information had a positive impact on the learners. Therefore, instructors, professors and faculty in higher education can use a community service initiative to assist undergraduate students in enhancing their English language skills while guiding students through the norms of social etiquette

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