Community Services Counselor Application Analysis

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Application The fictitious application scenario as a human services counselor for a community service center that is Christian based. At this community service center, it deals with martial affairs. I have been assigned to a married couple Carol and Barb. They have been married for almost ten years now and have two children. They are both grown up as Christians. Barb has always viewed Carol as a good husband and father. They are seeking counseling due to Barb recently finding out that Carol has been cheating on her. They both have stated that they do not want the marriage to end.
For this fictitious application scenario, I will attempt to use the following concept from McMinn’s (2007) book. The first concept that I would include in the
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McMinn (2007) quote about the nature of sin of the following: “Biblically, the sin problem involves more than simply our bad actions, whether personal or social in their implications and complication. In Scripture and theology, sin is a condition that goes to the root of our being, for it must do with our relationship to our origin and to God,” (p. 162), will help the couple to see the truth about the effects of sin within each other and their marriage. By helping them learn their attribute style regrading sin and along with helping them use prayer and Scripture as tool of insight into their personal relationship with sin and God, which will bring them to enter deeply into their spiritual life, which will require for both abandon sin management and seek inner transformation through the work of the Holy Spirit (McMinn, 2007, p 165). This form of spiritual discipline can help them heal their marriage along with healing induvial. I also think that it could beneficial for the counselor to us a some of the confronting approaches to deal with the couple’s sin, such…show more content…
I also think that the counselor could also use the option of not confronting sin with our clients by using either the outside-in approach or the inside-out approach. I think that this could be a bit challenging at times, due to it being difficult for people to admit their sinful nature.
The fourth concept that I would include in the counseling process is confession. I feel that this would be the most challenge concept to include with the couple during the counseling session. It will be very difficult to get the couple to admit their induvial wrongs. According to McMinn (2007), even though confession draws one out of one’s darkness and brings one into light that there is often at times a sense of urge to resist confession and forgiveness (p. 217). The couple may resistance due to their induvial spiritual pride and not wanting to destroy one’s fantasized persona of
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