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The Giver: Response to Literature Essay Imagine living in a society where everything is perfect and there is complete peace. In The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, the characters that live in the Community believe that they live in a pleasant utopian society. The Giver takes place in a society referred to as the Community. The inhabitants of the Community do not feel true pain. Also, the members of the Community don’t truly know what feelings such as love are. In the Community, the main character, Jonas, is selected as the Community’s Receiver of Memory. With this assignment, Jonas will receive memories that will be transmitted to him by the current Receiver of Memory, or The Giver. Jonas will hold memories of the world, and he will learn of true feelings. Jonas changes throughout The Giver and as a result, tries to change the Community. In the beginning of the book, Jonas is apprehensive, but toward the end of the book Jonas is brave. Jonas is apprehensive because at first, Jonas thinks that he is frightened for the upcoming Ceremony of Twelve. Jonas then decides that he is apprehensive because he is both fearful and anxious…show more content…
The change that Jonas has undergone over the course of the book is that in the beginning of the book, Jonas is apprehensive and obedient, but in the end of the book Jonas is brave and rebellious. He has changed because he has become aware of a place of true feelings and emotions through the memories. Also, Jonas has changed because he discovered the secrets that the Community had kept and hadn’t told the members of the Community. An example of this is when Jonas finds out that release is death. By the end of the story, Jonas’s character is confident, wise, and strong. This change in Jonas effects his view of his so-called utopian Community because Jonas now sees the Community as a place of secrets and lies. In conclusion, Jonas has changed throughout The
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