A College Experience

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Every college student will face many challenges when going to school, like finances, living adaptations, and picking a seat in class and making sure it is perfect. And although commuter students face those problems as well, the troubles don’t stop there. As the world continues to develop and change so do our ways of learning. Getting a degree has become very diverse and easy for anyone to get a degree if they put their minds to it. Online classes allow those that need to stay home to be home and commuting helps those who either can’t afford to live on campus still attend or gives the option of staying home and maybe even getting more help throughout your college years. Whatever a student chooses to do, it is important for everyone to realize…show more content…
A lot of residential students will say “why would you commute, you’re not going to get the full college experience”. Everything for the commuter student involves planning, planning, and more planning. As a commuter student, you can’t just up and walk to your friends dorm, even your social events are planned, which is why they’re mostly always ( to the hard working students) pushed to the back of the long “ to do” list. In reality, commuter students do indeed get a college experience, it is just different from res students. Living at home encourages you to find your “college identity” outside of the walls of a dorm room. The commuter student is not going to encounter the stereotypical “college experience “dorm life, freedom away from your parents, but who’s to determine what the “college experience” means? It is important to remember that just because some students don’t live at school doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy your time at school. In conclusion, everyone chooses what they want to do, including those who choose to travel the miles they travel to get to school. Res students chose to live on campus. Just remember that next time you work with a commuter student in a group project or any type of study, that it is not as easy for them, be patient and understand that they’ve already endured some of the many challenges they face daily. Most importantly remember that we are all Huskies on and off campus and while some get easier experience, we all are working towards the same
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