Companionhip In John Cather's My Antonia

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In this passage in Cather’s novel “My Antonia”, Jim has returned to black hawk for a short break. Soon after he arrives he begins to hear the talk around town. He hears about the tragic story of Antonia being as she took care of her then fiancée, Larry Donovan and as soon as the money was gone Donovan was gone. Jim goes over the next day to the Shimerdas farm, and nearly immediately after seeing Antonia he is reminded of all of the things he loves about her. As there time began to dwindle Jim tells Antonia how he feels about her leaving no doubt how he feels about her. Jim says he is in love with Antonia but really he is in love with the idea of her.
Companionship is the only thing Jim has been lacking for most of his adult life. He has had
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