Companionship And Family: The Importance Of Marriage And Marriage

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Marriage and Family:
The animal mates, but man marries. The significance of distinction is simple and clear. Mating is biological while marriage is social and cultural. Marriage implies a ceremony, a union with social sanctions, and recognition of obligations to the community assumed by those entering this relationship. As Malinowski long ago pointed out, marriage among mankind is always in the mores. Marriage and family are two different but correlated things.
Marriage may be defined as a socially sanctioned union of one or more men with one or more women with the expectation that they will play the roles of husband and wife.
Marriage [is a] socially recognized and approved union between individuals, who commit to one another with the expectation of a stable and lasting intimate relationship. It begins with aceremony known as a wedding, which formally unites the marriage partners. In most contemporary industrialized societies, marriage is certified by the government.
A marriage is a legally recognized union between a man and a woman in which he are united
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Companionship has four principal components: joint participation in common interests and activities, confiding and talking things over, understand ding the ideas and feelings of the other, and demonstration of affection. The following report by a wife and her husband illustrates the importance of companionship to many married couples:
Wife: The biggest thing in marriage is being compatible, doing things together, and having our own home. I think you have a sense of security that you don’t have before marriage.
Husband: It is difficult to put into words. The idea of being continually with the person you are in love with; then, too, the idea of you two together in your home. Spending your evenings together at home instead of running around. I think it is more or less

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