Responsiveness-Eaton Inc Case Study Marketing Plan

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'-Eaton Inc (one of the companies I have worked with) is a US origin company, a leading global electrical, mechanical and hydraulic power generation & management company following a multi-domestic strategy with its manufacturing units spanning Asia, Africa, Europe, Middlle East and America.
-Addressing high pressure for local responsiveness- Eaton is an industry expert in integrating its total supply chain from local market and tailor making products as per the domestic countries' product demands.One example- The lighting products like street lights, office lights- are tailor made as per the local country's preferences and lighting lumen & heat dissipation standards and climate.
-Addressing low pressure for cost reduction- Eaton's products
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For 'Better Diets and Better Lives' mission of Unilever,it uses communication channels to raise awareness and promote behavioral change for healthy lifestyles.

- The health conscious, healthy and customised dietary foods matching the local population needs, clubbing with integrated supply chain in local regions with a pace to get associated with Unilever as a brand, has helped Unilever to have a strong Bargaining Power and meet the high pressure for cost reductions margin.
'-Cummins Inc. (One of the companies I have worked with) is a US origin company which follows a global standardization strategy.It has expanded manufacturing plants into UK, China, India and Africa.
-Product Standardized: They have the standardized diesel generator sets and engines manufactured across the countries.
-High Pressure for cost reductions, how this strategy tackles: This strategy is implemented by taking into account the labour cost, cost of infrastructure, material cost,supply chain cost & export/import
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Wal-Mart in Germany had the same American Business Approach, did not go through and could not meet the local government rules & regulations of maximum 8610 sq.ft area of the store,a retailer can give a maximum discount (per product) of upto 5% of the Marked Price, Store Closing Law limit on store working hours to 6:30 pm closing on Weeknights and a 2 pm closing on Saturdays and the store could not open on Sundays(with just four exceptions for oepening each year.) and finally in the Labour Relations section where Germany has no leagl minimum wage.Wage were determined based upon bargaining. This led to Wal-Mart accept a salary increase that was 0.5% greater than retail-sector levels.
4. Wal-Mart in America relied most on the Supplier information, but in Germany, Wal-Mart was not familiar with the Supply Chain and its Suppliers, which led to loss in its functioning as they could not efficiently leverage the supply chain benefits which was their strength while doing business in America.The key strategies of Wal-Mart while entering Germany were:
1. EveryDay Low Price (EDLP)
2. Inventory Control
3. Efficient Distribution Strategy (Efficient Supply Chain management)
4. Aggressive Bargaining with Suppliers- Overall Cost Leadership.
5. Unique Culture(Sundown Rule, Ten Foot Rule, Sam Walton's 3 key principles-Respect individual, provide superioir customer service and to strive for excellence)
6. Adopted Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFIT)- Able to track inventory as it

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