Advantages Of Sterling Bay

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Sterling Bay is looking at expanding its economy even with the little amount of human resources. People from around the world have obtained the capacity in purchasing and traveling. Due to the fact that people from developed urban cities faces busy and hectic lives so they would want to travel to rural areas. With the attractions provided, there will then be a sharp influx of tourists. Along with the suggestions of recreational and leisure activities may help to bring up the economy and at the same it benefits the different generations in Sterling Bay not just economically but also environmentally and in the sociocultural way.

Comparative Advantage

Comparative Advantage is an economic law that shows and compares among different …show more content…

One of the primary motivations to advertise itself as a destination for tourism is the likely economic boost in a developing country. The powerful economic forces provide employment, foreign exchange, income and tax revenue.

One of the common economic impacts of tourism is the Multiplier Concept where good or service purchases from the tourist are gain by the Sterling Bay. The earning is then spent again by Sterling Bay to provide a better goods and services for better value.

One of the advantages will be from the multiplier effects. Firstly, the direct effects mainly from the food and beverages from the Seafood theme restaurant, bar and limestone cave café/restaurant.

Secondly, the indirect effects are generated from the rise in purchasing by tourism supplies to serve tourist needs. Thus, causing a chain effect and the amount of supplies purchase that the restaurant make from suppliers will increase. Suppliers will then again take turn increase their purchases …show more content…

This would often affect the locals whose incomes do not increase like the prices of the goods and services. The cost of building tourism related buildings would also increase proportionally. All these will eventually causing difficulties to meet the daily needs for the locals.

Socio-cultural Advantages and Disadvantages

Impact of tourism is that the quality of life of the local residents will be able to improve due to the development of tourism. They are able to wind down after a day of hard work by enjoying at the stay in the cabins of the tree house along with the high quality food and drinks by the bay.

With the establishment of restaurants the women folk will be able to prepare the fresh and tasty seafood. They will also be able to present their weaving skills by selling weaved products such as weaving baskets in the night market. This will generate opportunities for the locals when tourist visit and will cause massive interest for them. Furthermore, this allows tourist to be able to support these native arts. With these, the standard of living for the women folks will generally increase and they will be able to provide better healthcare and education for the

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