Comparative Advertising Effectiveness

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Mishal Naseer Reg No: 2161320 MBA 1.5 (Evening) Effectiveness of comparative Advertising: A review and its practice in Pakistan ________________________________________ Introduction Comparative advertising is a hard-bitten, attention-grabbing way of saying, “We’re better than the competition.” (Buchanan and Goldman, 1989). Background The comparative advertising came into practice in early 18th century in England. At early stage in twentieth century it seem typical to some point , because of brand’s claims regarding the competitor’s product that it contains certain defects or health issues, which in result generated ‘Ad wars’ (William and Page, Jr, 2013). There has been a lot of growth in comparative advertising since 1960’s in United States (Bonera, 2008) and it is prevailing much more since then. Because of its ‘aggressive nature’, comparative advertising is reason of increasing costs of ‘competitive battle’ among enterprises so, traditionally comparative advertising has become direct interest of enterprises which increases the costs of competitive battle (Bonera, 2008) Comparative advertising practice varies country to country and industry to industry, because of strict rules and regulations in some countries it is banned or restricted to some extent and in some it is not as strictly observed. Particularly in favor of advertising in 1971, Federal Trade Commission declared a policy statement which enabled the advertising to provide consumers

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