Reflective Essay: Comparative Analysis

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In this portfolio I have included two of my pieces first I have included my Self-inventory Essay and second I have included my Comparative Analysis Essay. Through these two writings you could see that I have progressed with my skills of Organization, Text Formatting, Presenting the Purpose and Grammar. From my struggles with my self-Inventory Essay to, my clearly and correctly written Comparative Analysis Essay. Throughout. English writing 101 I was able to fully understand how to fix these problems for those essays and in the future.

In my Self-Inventory Essay it is very noticeable that my organization is a problem. It is visible that I don’t have good transitions into and out of each paragraph; first off I use “my first strength”, “my second strength” which are very plan and simple. In my Comparative Analysis Essay we can wee that I have come up with better transitions to make the whole essay seem more organized, for example I used more specific transitions like “In Amy Tans Mother Tongue” and for the paragraph after it I used “This shows that the” which make it flow better and be more concise.

In my Self-Inventory
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Later on in the class I learned how to make it more interesting and eye catching. As you can see in my Comparative Analysis Essay it has gotten much better. The purpose I my Self-Inventory Essay sounded like this “I 'm good at figuring out the purpose of the writing prompt and using sources but I am not good at structuring and having sentence cohesion” but my Comparative Analysis Essay sounded much better “Something as simple as a parent’s language or financial situation is enough to impact the rest of their kids’ life”, it was more descriptive and smooth. It sounds like something people would want to

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