Comparative Analysis Of Debonairs Pizza

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An executive summary of the task.

A comparative study was conducted between two competing fast food franchises in South Africa, Debonairs pizza and Romans pizza by analysing the background of the two franchises, the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and why businesses have to involved in these programmes through thorough research. The challenges that these franchises can face when involved in CSR programmes have been touched on briefly in this research task. This study was also conducted so that a comparison can be made between the successes of the two fast food companies and which franchise was more successful in its programme. Strategic recommendations were also made to the less successful fast food franchise, for the improvement of the business model as the conclusion of this task. A complete analysis of the CSR programmes of both franchises, Debonairs pizza and Romans pizza is also included in this research task as well as the influence that these CSR programmes have on targeted communities.

Background of Debonairs pizza.

 Debonairs pizza initially started here in South Africa, in Pietermaritzburg as a family bakery in 1991.  Debonairs pizza currently has franchises in most parts of the country as well as thirteen other countries in Africa. In total, Debonairs pizza has four-hundred franchises locally and internationally

 The fast food franchise has won the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Pizza thirteen times.

 It is

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