Comparative Analysis Of Foodpanda And Zomato

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INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction of topic The topic of study is comparative analysis on consumer preference for Foodpanda and Zomato in Delhi we will understand all the terms step by step. Comparative analysis When making a choice, one of the simplest method that any individual can use is to make comparison between at least two items, known as comparative analysis. Depending on the feature that is the most important to you – price, quality, durability, you will compare two products and using your knowledge in order to decide upon which product to buy. Comparative analysis is extended also to business industries, where appraisers conduct more complex analysis, depending on the items that are to be compared. By comparing two or more things you…show more content…
Younger people expect companies to communicate online through forums and social media. Companies also attempt to listen to consumers' needs through online sources as well. Young consumers between 18 and 24 prefer generic online messages rather than private communications through email. Consumer preference is a general term applied to all facets of marketing products and services. This is not to be confused with the more-specific term brand Consumer preferences describe the reasons for the choices people make when selecting products and services. Analyzing the factors that determine consumer preferences helps businesses target their products towards specific consumer groups, develop new products and identify why some products are more successful than others. • Advertising Advertising plays an important role in consumer preference, especially for non-durable goods such as food or magazines. Advertising informs consumers of available goods and services and also shapes their impressions of these products. Advertising can also create demand; for example, a consumer may not have wanted a new cell phone until he saw flashy new phones on…show more content…
The reason to develop the system is due to the issues facing by the fast food restaurant industry. These issues are such as peak hour-long queue issues, increase of take away foods than visitors, speed major requisite of fast food preparation, limited promotion and advertising on current strategy, and quality control of fast food management issues. Therefore, this system enhances the speed and standardization of taking the order from the customer and displays it to the staff in the kitchen accordingly. Besides that, it provides a user-friendly web pages and effective advertising medium to the new product of the fast food restaurant to the customer with cheaper cost. Further more, it also extend and deliver customer satisfactions especially to the hectic customer or reaching the customer who are constrain of transport to be in fast food restaurant. At the same time boost up market share for fast food restaurant and increase return on investment for the

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