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Comparative Analysis Essay Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Roy Bradbury are both science fiction writers. Although both writers write about different topics, some of their ideas are similar. They both write about what life would be like if we were to break away from objects that separate us from happiness. The style of writing is unique in which Bradbury follows this sad, calm and unexpected plot. On the other hand, Vonnegut initiates his story with humor and ends with happiness and sorrow, while satirizing the government. Vonnegut shares his satirical writing in his story Harrison Bergeron. Bradbury expresses his story in, Marionettes Inc. Although both writers demonstrate what life would be like with finding a way to happiness, their ideas are very…show more content…
Since Vonnegut satirizes the government, it make his story humorous. Whereas, Bradbury’s writing is more suspenseful. For instance, when Vonnegut writes about how the government tries to equalize everyone, he says, “they were burdened with sash weights… their faces were masked, so that no one, seeing a free and graceful gesture or a pretty face…”. The reader realizes that the text is a fictional piece of writing made to put a smile on one’s face. Vonnegut also writes, “...to offset his good looks...he was required to wear at all times a red rubber ball for a nose, keep his eyebrows shaved off…” to create a picture of how the government creates absurd physical appearances to repel people. While Vonnegut uses humor, Bradbury uses suspense to create a dark atmosphere. One example is when Braling wants to put his clone away, but the clone responds saying, “ The cellar. I don’t like it. I don’t like that tool box.” Due to the dialogue, at this point in the story the reader can sense that the clone will go against his owner. The tone of the writers set a mood for the reader to share a relationship with the

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