Comparative Essay On American Identity

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Intro: Each excerpt both “Response to Executive Order 9066” by Dwight Okita, and “Mericans” by Sandra Cisneros, the take on “American Identity” question from two very different points of view. Okita’s poem discusses “American Identity” and how an individual is more affected by the culture that they experiences rather than the effects of where your family comes from. On the other hand, Cisneros discusses “American Identity” and contrasts how her “Awful Grandmother” sees the American Culture, how she sees American Culture, and how those part of the culture take to judging her based on something as simple as the boots she wears. A common relationship between both of these excerpts is, Cultural heritage and physical appearances do not determine what it means to be American. The actions you take and the choices you make determine you, and your impact on “American Culture”. BP1: “Response to Executive Order 9066” by Dwight Okita. This poem from the perspective of a young girl shows how the polluted views and choices of adults indirectly influences their offspring, their children. Culture: (The attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group).…show more content…
In this article there are two forces opposed the narrator’s “identity” and the “Awful Grandmother”, each have differing views of the Culture they live in, while at the same time have the same ancestry from the same physical place of origin. The “Awful Grandmother” and her stronger connection to her Mexican roots leads her to hold a negative connotation with the new country. She dislikes change and only wishes to live out her days praying for lost family members. The narrator on the other hand holds an optimistic view of the world, she believes herself to be a “Merican” and holds fast to that belief. Even with this to hold onto she still struggles because she gets judged by the boots on her feet, while her character, will, and drive, are just glanced over as if they mean
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