Comparative Film Analysis: Blood Diamond

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Comparative Film Analysis Essay
Georgia van Embden
Due: 29 April 2015

Hollywood has expanding its feelers, making more films in Africa. It is important to critically analyse Africa’s image in such films, as certain ideas and visuals can be misleading at times and not reflect a true picture of the continent. Blood Diamond, directed by Edward Zwick and The Constant Gardener, directed by Fernando Meirelles, are two examples of Hollywood movies filmed in Africa.

In Blood Diamond, Djimon Hounsou plays Solomon Vandy, a poor fisherman in Sierra Leone. He is the face of poverty. The fact that Djimon Hounsou is well built suits Solomon’s character, as it is his strong physique that saves him from being hurt in his first encounter with the Revolutionary United Front (RUF). Besides being courageous he is also a sensitive man. Djimon manages to show these emotions by his convincing facial expressions. All Solomon wants is to care and have the best for his children. This is shown by Solomon helping Danny Archer find the diamond he hid, who will in return help find his son, Dia, even though this puts him in incredibly dangerous situations.
Solomon is often filmed at a low camera angle to highlight his strong and powerful character. The frame is often a close-up to highlight the meaningful facial expressions that Djimon gives his Solomon. There is a time when Solomon must be shown to be downtrodden, namely when he is searching for diamonds under the supervision of RUF soldiers with
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