Comparative Financial Analysis

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1.1 INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Financial analysis converts raw information of financial statements in useful financial information. Only after financial analysis, we can use financial statements for decision making. This financial information is useful for planning, evaluating and making financial decisions. Further, financial analysis helps in assessing the past performance along with the current financial position, in order to make predictions about the future performance of the company. The process of evaluating business, projects, budget and other finance related entities to determine their suitability for investment. Typically, financial analysis is used to analyze whether a firm is solvent, liquid or profitable enough or not…show more content…
In which financial performance of each branches of the Bantwal Catholic Credit Co-Operative Society (R) will be conducted keeping the present business scenario on the top. With the help of 6 weeks of working experience in Bantwal Catholic Credit Co-Operative Society (R) by visiting all the branches in this time span understood the working life in the corporative society. A study on the problem faced and its relevant solution, so that the people and customer of these co-operative societies get good service from this co-operative society. This co-operative society can act as a role model to be followed by other society of the Dakshina Kanaada district. Other co-operative society can follow the management system for improving the financial position of their…show more content…
In this competitive world of changing market scenario, which is mixture of science, technology and innovation, few are struggling to survive in the competitive market due to competition. In this scenario even the Indian economy is not free from effect of liberalization, privatization and globalization. With these objectives in mind the research on “Bantwal Catholic Credit Co-Operative Society (R)” is undertaken. By this project we can analyse the financial data of one branch of Bantwal Catholic Credit Co-Operative Society (R) to another. 1.6 AIM OF THE STUDY The overall objective of the study is to compare one branch of Bantwal Catholic Credit Co-Operative Society (R) to another branch to analyse the financial data of last five years starting from 2010-2011 to 2014-2015. 1.7 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY  The study has been conducted over a limited period of Six weeks only.  The study is mainly based on secondary data.  The study is limited to one selected Cooperative society

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