Comparative Mathematics Education Reflection

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Reflection Journal 1: Introduction of Comparative Mathematics Education
(Janardan Baral)
Date: Feb 15, 2017
In this journal, I am going to reflect on some key points I learnt from the class discussion and by reading some literature about comparative mathematics education. Comparative mathematics education is the study of mathematics education of the different countries through which we can get the several references to improve and adjust in our own education system. This reflection focuses on four major points;
1. Comparative mathematics education and its aim: Comparative mathematics education is the study of the different aspects of mathematics education of one context to the other. It is the study of similarities and differences of the components of mathematics education in the different countries which provides the reference for the improvement of mathematics education. It is the study to understand the different aspects of mathematics education in better way. The main aim of comparative mathematics education is to understand and identify the similarities and differences of mathematics education system. It also aims to examine the theories, methods and practices of mathematics education in two or more countries for the betterment of the mathematics education.
2. Area of comparison: comparison is manly done in three areas: one is input on the mathematics education. This refers the study of financial input, policy wise input, input for preparing the human resources and
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