Comparative Negligence In Sports

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Working in a sports related field requires some legal background when dealing with other individuals as it relates to injuries. Even though injuries may occur, sometimes they are minor but at times they are major injuries and one may feel the need to field suit. The purpose of this assignment is to understand and evaluate negligence and challenges that may affect interscholastic sports. This assignment assist of ten discussion question with a range of negligence challenges in today’s sports. I will address each question throughout this assignment. 1. What are the elements of negligence? Define and discuss each. The elements of a negligence case consist of duty, breach of duty, causation and damages. The first element of negligence is duty.…show more content…
The plaintiff itself has a duty to act as a reasonable person. However, if the plaintiff does not act as a reasonable person and injuries occur, then they may be held accountable for injury. However, the core concept for comparative negligence is where both parties have causes negligence and injuries are compared by damages. With comparative negligence, there are two types, pure and modified. Pure comparative negligence is when the plaintiff damages are totaled and reduced upon their injury for compensation. While modified comparative negligence is when the plaintiff is equally responsible for injury and will not be able to recuperate funding from the…show more content…
Based on your understanding of an inherent risk being one that is “obvious and necessary,” list a number of activities or sports and then identify some inherent risks for each activity or sport. Do you think that inherent risks may change as technology and rules change in sport? Explain. Based on the understanding of an inherent risk which are risks that may be conducted during an activity. Being involve with any interscholastic sport, there are obvious and necessary risks that is bound to happen in any activity. I have listed some sports that inherent risks and or injuries during sporting events such as games and practice. Each sport has its own most common risks, such as Football, basketball, baseball and soccer. When an athlete is playing any sports the athletes acknowledges that there are inherent risk of injuries such as football, concussion, ankle sprains, and knee injuries are likely to occur. While an athlete that plays basketball the inherent risks are more likely to be jammed fingers, knee injuries and ankle injuries along with concussions. For as athletes that play baseball, some risks consist of should injuries, elbow injuries, muscle contusions and knee injuries. I believe that the inherent risk for each sport will be the same because they are possible risks that may occur during sports or activity that’s physical. However, I do believe that sporting rules will continue to change as technology changes to improve the program and the overall health of
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