Compare And Contrast A Christmas Carol

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“Christmas is a Humbug” he says. (Dickens 3) The drama A Christmas Carol is about a man who has a nasty attitude about Christmas. He is a greedy man who doesn’t want to donate anything to the poor and sick. He thinks that Christmas is a waste of time and money. His name is Ebenezer Scrooge. Marley was his business partner before he died. Marley came to warn him that he needs to become a kind and generous man. Greed is so destructive. It destroys everything. (Eartha Kitt) There are many similarities and a few differences between the movie and drama such as the conflict, climax and resolution.
In the drama by Charles Dickens, the conflict starts by Scrooge having a bad attitude about everything. Marley comes down to earth as a ghost to tell Scrooge that he will be visited by three
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The big difference in the beginning is the way that Scrooge is described in the drama and the way Scrooge looks like in the movie. In the drama it says, “ The cold within him freezes his old features, nips his pointed nose, shrivels his cheek, stiffens his gait, makes his eyes red, his thin lip blue; and speaks out shrewdly in his grating voice…” (Dickens 1) In the movie A Christmas Carol, Scrooge has on a crisp suit and neat hair, but underneath all of that, is a greedy and selfish man. Another contrast between the movie and drama is Scrooge’s relationship. The movie goes into more detail with the ghost of Christmas Present showing Scrooge his love and her family. Scrooge’s love got married and she had many children. Their family is what Scrooge would have had if he hadn’t been so caught up in his business. The last major contrasting detail is, near the end of the movie it shows in detail how Scrooge came to his Nephew’s Christmas party. It shows how Scrooge comes in and talks to his Nephew’s wife. There are very few contrasting details between the movie and play of A Christmas
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