Compare And Contrast A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Both of story are descriptive writing. Because a good man is hard to find & the necklace described the setting, mood and character of each story. In’’ the necklace ‘’ Mathilde, she is young lady maybe on her 30th she daydream pleasure of life which is money. But in ‘’ A Good Man Is hard to Find ‘’ The Grandmother from’’ A Good Is Hard to Find’’ she is an elder woman who might be on her 60th she is a role model in her community. Therefore, Mathilde has a lot of problems on her circle with her husband, Mathilde, she do not satisfy with she have because Mathilde want to be better than others, but the grandmother on the other hand suffer from self-importance because she think that she is better than everyone else. One more difference is that Mathilde problem began…show more content…
, Mathilde learned her lesson the hard way, but feel better after expressive her feeling by telling her friend what really happened, for Mathilde to accomplish her mission she had to work hard to pay back the necklace, so she ended up appreciating what she had. On the other side, the grandmother died after she had lost all her family. According to my point of view the differences is both characters suffer from pride. Mathilde wanted to be on top of everyone like the grandmother in ‘’ a good man is hard to find’’. Mathilde wanted to be more than Madame Frontier, she wanted to live like a wealthy women even though she did not have anything mostly money. Mathilde think she born to be a bourgeoisie. Mathilde basically think only of her pain and the life that she’s living she never thought about her husband whatsoever. Similarly “The Necklace” we can see that Ms. Mathilde was only caring for herself doing the party. As you can see the similarities with the grandmother in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” because the grandmother believed she was the world, I believe she might be from a wealthy
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