Compare And Contrast A Long Walk To Water And The Big Wave

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DAY BY DAY A Long Walk To Water (ALW) and The Big Wave (TBW) are two books that share the same themes but in different situations and circumstances. Jiya( the protagonist of TBW) and Salva ( the protagonist of ALW) go through many challenges. These stories are based on true events and both protagonists face major obstacles. In both stories we learn about perseverance, motivation of loss, and selfishness. Both characters decide to stick with friends and family. Jiya is orphaned by his friend’s family, he has the chance to grow up in luxury, raised by the wealthy Old Gentleman, as opposed to growing up in poverty with Kino. He chooses to live with Kino. When Salva arrives to America, he studies business. He majors in business which he uses to help him build wells for the people of Sudan. The people in Sudan are like his friends and family, they have also been in the same situation. He tries to help Sudan to the best of his abilities. "Day by day, solving one problem at a time, Salva moved toward his goal."(ALW 110) While doing this he opens up a world of opportunity for others in Sudan. Salva and Jiya both helped themselves and others by thinking about everyone. The books teach about others and loved ones. Both books show how Jiya and Salva help themselves while thinking about others. They both know that staying their loved ones will help them in the future, that is why they did not turn their back on their family. The main characters in both books
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