Compare And Contrast A Midsummer Night's Dream And A Secret Sorrow

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Deficient Minds Affected by disastrous feelings in several ways, acquired such potency to have an unfavorable success effects in two individual lives. Helena from Shakespeare’s “A midsummer Night’s Dream”, as well as Faye from Karen Van Der Zee’s “A Secret Sorrow”
Helena, and Faye shared a common mindset that struck their personalities, and shaped them in an unbelievable manner. Past experiences either considered good or bad had a very significant effect in people's lives. An effect that helps in certain occasions, and allows growth as a person or simply the entire opposite. It is important to acknowledge the different perspectives of a story before establishing a conclusion, due to the fact that it helps see things clearer and essentially provide an inside view.
Reading the story “A Midsummer Night's Dream" coming across Helena it is nearly unavoidable to misjudge her as a person, and construct an awful profile. Recognizing her obsession with Demetrius, as he no longer felt the same way that she felt for him. She became obsessed with him, and formed an unhealthy attachment with
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As well as Helena, Faye is also quite young, since she is in her 20s and she is also very beautiful just like Helena. Faye has a partner that wants nothing but the best for her, and to care for her in all her needs. Extremely caring for Faye in anyhow as well as supportive, and Faye knows it, and she appreciates him very dearly. However she hides a secret from him, an important secret that could tear his heart apart for her hiding the truth from him. Small minded like Helena she retained from telling him the truth, because she had failed to figure out the perfect way to tell him the truth without him walking away from her. She loved him very dearly and the presence
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