Compare And Contrast A Rose For Emily And Miss Brill

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Miss Brill & A Rose for Emily In the story “Miss Brill” and “A Rose for Emily” the two protagonists face the challenge of isolation. Emily and Miss Brill are living very different lives, but share the same characteristics. The difference between these women is that they deal with their isolation in different ways. Both women have trouble with happiness and the cant accept the change that is going on their lives. They both lack of sociality and romance and denial. Miss Brill and Emily Grierson both experience lonesome and rejection, and obviously neither of them know how to deal or cope with it. The way that Emily was raised with her father always pushing away anyone who tried to get involved in Emily’s life. In his eyes no one was good enough for his daughter, and this continued till the day he died. After Emily’s fathers death a man named Homer Barron walked into her life, and lest just say he wasn’t feeling the exact same way about her, or any other woman in that matter. As soon as Emily felt as if Homer didn’t feel the same because he hasn’t proposed to her she jumps into an unpredictable state of mind. Emily poisons Homer because she refuses to let him abandon her. Miss Brill I basically living a lie. She tries to avoid the fact that she is isolated. Miss Brill involves herself in many other lives that she is around, but she doesn’t converse with anyone. Miss Brill is always eavesdrops on other people’s conversations and pretends like she has some type of significant

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