Compare And Contrast Abigail And Mary In The Crucible

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The story “The Crucible” is a play written by Arthur Miller that has a great historical background with a deep-rooted storyline about people who challenge each other and their beliefs. The interesting characters bring life and imagery to the complex storyline. Two of the characters, Abigail Williams and Mary Warren, shape the outcome of The Crucible tremendously. Abigail and Mary are two teenage girls who not only get themselves into a sticky situation, they also learn valuable life lessons that take the story on many twist and turns. Abigail and Mary have similar lives until a fun day in the woods change their future forever. A courtroom in the end is where they both show their true spirits. Abigail Williams and Mary Warren, in The Crucible,…show more content…
They both want to stay together because of all the secrets they have that influence the story on a crazy twisted road. As the story The Crucible progresses the characters of Abigail and Mary begin to get very involved in influencing events that occur. Their friendship influences the story throughout by the web Abigail weaves in manipulating poor quiet Mary. By including Mary in the activities in the woods, Mary is now a witness to all of the girls “magic”. Proctor tries to force Mary to tell the truth about Abigail and Mary responds with, “She’ll kill me for sayin’ that”. (Miller, 1180). She fears Abigail and therefore will not testify against them because she knows they will turn on her. Abigail at one point even turns on Mary and accuses her. Abigail’s lies carry her through the entire trial and allows her to put several people to death because the court believes her. Mary tries at one point to tell the truth but when the group of girls start behaving crazy she panics and goes back on her statement. Due to all of her lies and accusations Abigail has caused the love of her life, Proctor, to be charged. In the end because of Proctor being guilty, Abigail leaves Salem because her quest for his love is over. The girl’s decisions throughout the courtroom drama ended up changing their communities’ future and the people’s lives in
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