Republicanism Vs Absolute Monarchy Essay

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Systems of government are ensured to maintain structure in order for nations to develop significantly. Various systems are supported by different political principles, ideologies and distinctive ways of leading a civilization. Governments are formed to provide economic security for the welfare of their inhabitants and protect people’s rights. (Oak) Republicanism and absolute monarchy are examples of two contrasting systems due to their own strengths and weaknesses. Burkina Faso accepted a parliamentary republic but recently faced civil political tensions. On the other hand, France had adopted absolute monarchy from 16th to 17th century before it transitioned into a republic. Although absolute monarchy creates a higher sense of national identity, republicanism is more successful in maintaining a well-off government regarding gender rights, equality, education, and distribution of power.
Absolute monarchy emerged in France during the 16th century. All political power and responsibility was stored in a single monarch, who was chosen by hereditary. The
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The people elect representatives to represent their opinions in the parliament. It serves for the common good of the people and have certain equality among the members. The parliament is always there to set laws according to the situations. Most importantly, republics recognize the rights of an individual in the law, rather than the majority. Both legislative houses are kept equal according the constitution. (Henderson) Law constructing is a slow process, but it allows the rule to be properly scrutinized. A separation of power confirms that every aspect of the political system is well structured. However, governmental actions are prolonged since different representatives are debating to come up with a negotiated solution. Therefore, it works best in small communities of similar thinking
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