Compare And Contrast Achilles And Beowulf

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“In Pennsylvania, there is talk of erecting a monument to the brave passengers aboard flight 93,” (Cannon 5). The original thought when someone hears hero is flying through the sky, stopping planes from crashing into the love of their life, or even killing villains with their lazar vision. But everyone knows that with a little bit of reality none of that is possible. The modern day hero is someone who may risk their life or maybe just their good day just to improve someone else’s bad day. Beowulf was a fictional hero but set the example of what we think when we hear the word hero. Achilles was a warrior for Greece that didn’t believe that war was the answer for a stolen girl. Achilles and Beowulf were both fantastic heroes in different ways, but are still respected by society. Achilles and Beowulf were both mighty heroes. Achilles was a fierce warrior and the son of Thetis. Achilles was a very respectable warrior but he didn’t like fighting for anyone but himself. When Helen was taken from Agamemnon required Achilles to fight but he just stayed at the boats. Patroclus, Achilles cousin, came to Achilles and asked if he could use Achilles armor in war to scare the Trojans. This ended badly because hector realized it wasn’t Achilles and killed Patroclus. Achilles found out and went out and killed hector. Another Hero to examine is…show more content…
One is that Achilles is a lot more selfish than Beowulf. Achilles fought for himself and wanted the Greeks to fall. Beowulf on the other hand fought for the safety of people and because he was called upon for help. another difference is that only one of the two heroes died. Beowulf died very honorably by defending his city from a dragon. Achilles did not die in the Iliad the book ended with King Priam receiving his son’s body from Achilles. Due to some of the tings Beowulf and Achilles do differently I believe that Beowulf is the better
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