Compare And Contrast Achilles Vs Beowulf

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Beata Hanson
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30 September 2015
Achilles vs. Beowulf Who is the better hero, Achilles or Beowulf? They are both epic heroes yet they are extremely different. One is a young, moody “hero” and the other is a seasoned warrior. Also, Achilles had refused to fight because of a quarrel he had with his commander while Beowulf never turned away from a chance for glory. However, they did have one thing in common, compassion and they put things aside for what was right. Beowulf is high above Achilles on the heroic scale with his determination and his brave feats. During the beginning of The Iliad, it was told that Achilles had a confrontation with the general of the Greek army and refused to go into battle so he gave his best friend, Patroclus, his armor and they went to war without him. It states in the summary of the story, “While the Greeks are laying siege to Troy, a quarrel breaks out between Agamemnon and his greatest warrior, Achilles. As a result, the angry Achilles decides to remain in his tent and let the Greeks fight without him” (Homer). Achilles let his best friend die while he lounged in his tent. Beowulf would have never done that; he would have marched to Troy and burned down the city one handedly, quarrel with his commander or no. Achilles is
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Beowulf aided the Danes even though the Geats and the Danes didn’t get along. All he asked in return was, “…A single request! I have come so far, / Oh shelterer of warriors and your people’s loved friend, / That this one favor you shouldn’t refuse me- / That I, alone with the help of my men, / May purge all evil from this hall!” (162-166). Also, Achilles let Hector’s body be taken back to his parents, “As you wished sir, / the body of your son is now set free” (Homer 432-433) These two warriors did things that others wouldn’t have done because their feelings would have gotten in their

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