Compare And Contrast Aerobics And Pilates

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Aerobic Vs. Pilates Taking care of your body by exercising regularly can help to prevent diseases, get better sleep, and improve your strength. Aerobics and Pilates are types of physical activities that maintain and improve your health. The first type is Aerobic exercise which is a physical activity that uses large muscle groups (legs, arms, and hips) in a long period (1). Aerobic exercise focuses on hard work out to make your heart beats harder, causing the body to sweat, and breathe faster. It has a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that makes you active and excited such as walking, dancing, swimming, and cycling. The second type is Pilates exercise, which becomes very popular these days, was developed by a German man called Joseph Pilates in the…show more content…
Joseph Pilates named his method (contrology) because the person who trains Pilates should control the moves and do them correctly (3). That means one correct move benefits the same as many random moves. Aerobics and Pilates share some similarities, and they vary in some differences as well. Although some people may think that aerobics and Pilates are quite different, there are few similarities between them. Both aerobics and Pilates have a powerful effect on the mental health. Psychiatrists nowadays are replacing Drugs and medicines with exercises for the improvement that they noticed in their patients who exercise regularly. A few Minutes of aerobic and Pilates every day can remove stress, pressure, anger, and depression through the release of a hormone called Endorphins, which excites a good feeling in the body, and it decreases the feeling of pain, just as morphine (4). Moreover, aerobics and Pilates effectively improve the brain functions such as concentration, planning, and problem solving since they raise the heart rate that provides more oxygen to the brain to increase the

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