Compare And Contrast Agriculturists And Hunter Gatherers

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Agriculturists and hunter/gatherers have many differences and similarities. They have different populations, food supplies, technology, etc. These two groups of people live very differently. The three things I’m going to compare/contrast are population, food supply technology. Between hunter/gatherers and Agriculturists have totally different populations. Hunter and gatherers have about 250 or more. Now agriculturists have 50,000 people in a city and that number increases. They’re also different in population because the smaller the population the less privacy the bigger the population the more privacy. With hunter and gatherers since they think as one, and agriculturists have hierarchies so only one person is in control. The second thing I’m going to contrast is the different food supplies. Hunter and gatherers get their food from berries, nuts, roots, etc. On the other hand agriculturists get their food from crops. Agriculturists stopped using the hunter/gather method because they found out how to plant crops. Before farming they used to grind seeds into an edible form using a two stones (quern).…show more content…
Agriculturists use plows, polish stone axe heads, stone quern and rubber. Agriculturists started using sickles hoes and stone axes. In the prehistoric years, hunter and gatherers made axes out of stones. They made hammers out of bones or antlers. They also sharpened stick to use as spears for
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