What Are The Differences Between Hitler And Alexander The Great

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Why compare two leaders who lived in completely different time periods and are both remembered in dramatically different ways? Both Alexander the Great and Hitler are remembered as significant military powers in history, even though both were completely different in many ways. Alexander the Great and Adolf Hitler both had very different outlooks on different cultures from their own. Life under the rule of both leaders was extremely different because of their political ideas. Hitler and Alexander the Great lived in extremely different times with different moral standards and ideas on what was right and wrong. Although both Alexander the Great and Hitler were powerful military leaders, at the very core of their military campaigns, Hitler and Alexander had entirely different goals.

Hitler and Alexander the Great had immensely different ideas about cultures that were different than their own. Alexander the Great,
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Hitler lost the war at a time when people were globally embracing ideas of compassion, ethics, and human rights. “In response to these injustices, the Human Rights Convention specifically includes a right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion” (Weller, 2017). Not only was this the beginning of global human rights but also this held Hitler accountable for his actions. Alexander the Great led a hugely successful conquest at a time when most nations were trying to do the same thing. His actions were not exactly considered “wrong” because the places he conquered were just seen as another step in his greater mission. While Alexander the Great was doing what most people in his time period were, Hitler lived in a time where what he was doing was considered extremely morally wrong. While both leaders carried out their goals in violent ways, they lived in different time periods and adhered to the moral standards in very different
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