Compare And Contrast Alfred Adler And Individual Psychology

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Alfred Adler and Individual Psychology

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In here we look at Alders’ Individual Psychology, about what Alfred Adler means by Individual Psychology and how it differs from the Freudian view of Personality.

Who was Alfred Adler? - A Brief Look
Alfred Adler (1870-1937), was an Austrian physician, who was an early associate of Sigmund Freud. But later he broke away from Freud because he came to a state of believing that Freud was overemphasizing the psychoanalytical perspective and that also that he ignored other influences. So Adler found it better to part his company with Freud and did the same in the year of 1911.
Later, Adler found the rival school of thought, that is the individual psychology, as he calls it. He was mainly interested in the psychology of the person as a whole rather than in parts. What he meant was ‘indivisible psychology’. While Freud dealt with unconscious, Adler gave importance to the conscious, goal-directed behavior (Kalat, 2013).
What is the Theory of Individual Psychology?
The Theory of Individual Psychology is one of the works by Alfred Adler on psychology. He published it first in 1927. Adler stated that several aspects of life play a vital role in personality development; namely, family size, siblings’ gender, and the order of birth. He noted the
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