Compare And Contrast Amigo Brothers

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“Amigo Brothers” by Piri Thomas, is a story about two friends who have to fight in the finals together for boxing. They both are worried about how the fight will affect their relationship and if they will stay friends after the fight. After the fight, they are nowhere to be seen as they have left the ring together as friends. The two characters Felix and Antonio have many similarities and differences that affect them as friends and that affect them in the ring against one another. Antonio and Felix are very similar in some ways inside and outside the ring. Both Antonio and Felix are boxers and are desperate to win the finals, but only one can win. Antonio and Felix are both worried about their relationship as friends after the fight, they do not know if this will…show more content…
Antonio was fair, lean, and lanky. Antonio was the better boxer because of his long reach. Antonios hair was long and fell over his eyes, and he had a lighter skin color than Felix. Felix had many differences from Antonio with appearance and fighting style. Felix had more of a natural black Afro for his hair and he was darker compared to Antonio. Felix was shorter but had a more muscular frame. Felix was the better slugger because of this and could do devastating body blows if he got the chance. Felix went to the Bronx to train as he didn’t want to see Antonio before the fight. The story of the “Amigo Brothers” was a great story for anyone who loves the action, fighting a good ending. The story of the “Amigo Brothers” is about two friends who feel like brothers because of how close they were to one another, they were both called to the finals and they agreed that the best man wins inside of the ring. When reading this story the theme you should of been thinking of is, no matter what happens friends are forever. This relates to the story by having to two “Amigo Brothers” leave the ring together as friends not caring about who won the
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