Essay On Anagorisis And Peripetia

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Aristotle said that the best plays have both anagnorisis and peripetia which occur nearly at the same time. In the majority of plays and movies there are examples of anagorisis and peripetia. They both effect the play or movie immensely. Sometimes it may work but sometimes it may not. Anagnorisis is a moment in a play or any other work when a character makes a critical discovery. The term anagnorisis originally came from a Greek context meaning recognition. From today and from Greek times the meaning has not changed very much. The meaning recognition from the Greek times means basically the same thing that it means today. When a character does make a critical discovery he or she has now recognized what they have found out. In play and…show more content…
For example, in a movie or play peripetia happens just about as often as an anagnorisis does. In the TV series Breaking Bad the peripetia happens just about every episode, as well as anagnorisis. At the same time these two effects work perfectly together. While the anagnorisis happens and a discovery is made then next time you know there is a turn, and something totally unexpected takes place. I call that the mind blowing moment, which I think that everybody can agree when that occurs it is the best part of the play or movie. Both of these effects have a substantial impact on the piece of work. If there was not anangnorisis then there would not be the same level of interest for the viewer. Both anagnorisis and peripeteia add so much to the piece of work by enticing the viewer into these all of a sudden changes. For example, in the Tragedy Oedipus the King, it starts off with a fairly normal plot and he is a normal character. Oedipus is a real life hero with good intentions to the people. He is eventually revealed through an investigation that he had killed his father and slept with his mother. This is an example of peripetia more so than anagnorisis because it is an unexpected reversal of circumstances. This occurs all the time, and works just about every time at keeping the viewer off
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