Compare And Contrast Ancient Empires

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The Empires Throughout history, there has been a wide discovery amongst the early age empires. Most discoveries found before our common era has made such a huge impact on the technology and tools we have today. Though we have improved on most innovations, our ancestors still established our cultivations. There were many decades where people developed their lands, but the main western empires were the Persian, Greek, Roman, and the Han Dynasty. Each territory had their own inventions, but most of them were very similar. The Persian empire was the largest empire that the ancient world had seen and it made many political advancements. Their ruling class was peaceful and was ruled by Monarchs. They constructed a model government in which they created a tax-collection system, a postal system, and roads that are still used today. Similar to the Persians, the Romans had the same accomplishments and also allowed locals to keep their religion and to gain citizenship. …show more content…

Both Cultures had many different Gods that they prayed to. More specifically, the Greeks had Gods and Goddesses were people from the Han Dynasty had many different religions since there was a variety of Gods to worship. Still, both made sacrifices to their Gods, had to pray to their Gods when making decisions, and asked their Gods to take care of them in their lives and afterlives. Although, these were not the only things that Han and Greece had in common. In their governments, they had mutual views about who could and couldn't be a part of the regime. Only the upper class were educated and the educated were the only ones who could be in government. This shows that a very limited amount of people could participate in any decision that was made for their civilization. Both believed in a natural way of instruction in education. These are only a few of the many common and uncommon elements of the ancient

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