Compare And Contrast Ancient Euroce And Greek Government

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Ancient Greece is associated as the birthplace of democracy but it is fair to say that Greece was home to various forms of governments. Government is Greece took extraordinary diverse forms across different city-States for centuries, political power could rest in the hand of one single individual which will be referred to as Monarchies or Tyranny, rule by small group of people referred to oligarchy or aristocracy. Rule by all the male citizens referred to as democracy, which is regarded as Greeks greatest contribution to modern day civilization (Democracy). (Brand, P.J. (n.d)). In this essay, i will compare and contrast ancient Greek’s various form of governance ranging from Monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, oligarchy and democracy. Monarchy Greek city –States practiced monarchies form of government, this is a type of government ruled by a single person, usually the king with the help of council of advisors and his powers were hereditary, the king has absolute power and citizens have no say in their governments. He usually retain his political power for life and his eldest son ( the prince) succeeds him on the throne. Notable monarchies in Greek city-states were those of Epeiros and Macedonia, where the king shared power with the assembly. Sparta was famous for its system of two (2) kings at a time and they were kept in check by ephors. (Magistrates). ( Cartwright M. 2013). In the beginning of 2.000 BC Mycenaeans ruled Greece and by 1,200 B.C., his government collapsed,
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