Compare And Contrast Ancient Rome And Greece

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The ancient Romans and Greeks both began their legacy as a city-state; both of them are Mediterranean cities. Ancient Rome and ancient Greece both played a huge role in historic dynasty yet they are both different. Ancient Greece came to light after researches were made. The empire of Athens only lasted 5 years, where Rome 's empire lasted 500 years. Sculptures, paintings and architecture differ in each civilization. The sculptures in Greece are numerous, Greek art is considered greater than the Roman art yet almost half of the art we think is Greek is a Roman copy of Greek’s original. Not all Roman art is imitated from the Greeks. Greek sculptures measurements were related to human scale and organic form of the human body (anatomy). Greek artists signed their works, which in time made them famous. There are different styles of sculptures (art) first style to appear is the archaic style, Sculptures of human figures started appearing in Ancient Greece they called this period the Archaic period, and they were inspired from Egypt’s techniques but the Greeks adapted their own style and taste into their sculptures. The Greeks used mainly two materials to sculpt which is marble and bronze by the lost wax process. One of the first sculptures to appear was the New York Kouros it was cut out of pure marble and showing the spaces between the legs of the sculpture. In the archaic period, sculptures of females were called Korai the sculptures mainly show who serve Athena (The Greek

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