Compare And Contrast Ancient Rome And Greek Government

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Ancient civilizations often function properly by analyzing the aspects of other neighboring civilizations, figure out what is making them flourish, and implementing them into their own society. Moreover, some societies choose to look at these prospering qualities and try to improve upon them or simply come up with original ideas and contraptions that better the lives of those in their community. The ancient Romans were one of these ancient civilizations that innovated and borrowed elements to create thriving civilizations. One civilization active during Rome’s mid to late republic era, was Greece. They heavily influenced ancient Rome on everything ranging from architecture to cultural practices, but an interesting aspect of both civilizations…show more content…
Both civilizations felt that they should radically change their initial system of monarchy to a form of democracy, in order to better fit the needs of their people. However, ancient Greece, unlike ancient Rome, was at one point ruled by an oligarchy, until their citizens became uneasy with the manner in which they were governed. Keeping the peace among their people seemed to be on the back burner, as they attempted to strengthen ties between Greek city states to defeat the Romans in their mutual quest to expand their borders. This is important to note since the Hellenistic era of Greece, occuring during Rome’s later republic age, saw Greek influence to be at the highest it has historically ever been (Giotto 1). Moreover, the conclusion of the Hellenistic era is known to have been brought about by the Romans in the Hellenistic war. The result of Rome’s victory was Greece’s lack of independence, therefore the government of Greece was technically to be overlooked by the Republic of Rome (Giotto
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