Compare And Contrast Andrew Jackson And Adams

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When the year of 1807 came around, the way that America elected a president changed. In previous elections, only the rich men were able to vote which as a result whoever promised more the wealth was elected for president. When the common man was able to vote in 1807, the type of candidate to win the election change. As seen in the election of 1828 the person who was more relatable to the people, won because the common man was able to vote and so they used that opportunity and elected whoever they thought was going to help them. Overall the people preferred Jackson over Adams because Jackson was able to relate to the people better, and because he was a symbol of the American dream. The upbringing of Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams, were very different. Andrew Jackson’s parents were immigrants form Ireland who were forced to raise him in poverty, but through this Jackson learned very important lessons in hard work. The only schooling that Jackson received, was in a local elementary school and than later reading about law to become a lawyer. On the other hand, John Quincy Adams was born into a wealthy family, and his father was John Adams, a founding father of America. John was taught in many ways from the time he was young, his mom taught his to be fluent in French, Dutch, and Germany and he was able to use those skills…show more content…
Jackson is know for as being a strong and handsome person and was respected by the common man because he believed in slaves and gained his position from hard work. On the other hand, Adams grew up in a wealthy family and did to have to work as hard as Jackson to get his position. He had better morals and did not backdown on his beliefs to get a better position, but the only problem was that the common person could not relate to him which caused him to lose the election because he was unreliable, even though he was much smarted, and could have made a much better
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