Compare And Contrast Andrew Jackson Vs Henry Clay

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Jackson vs. Clay Andrew Jackson vs. Henry Clay: Democracy and Development in Antebellum America is a book written by Harry L. Watson. Harry L. Watson writes the different stances of the presidential race in the Antebellum Era in America. He is very unbiased in his writing, clearly stating each presidential candidate. Andrew Jackson’s beliefs are clearly democratic, meaning he believed that a growing wealth and power in the business community may erode the equality of ordinary citizens. This party was also known as the ‘Jackson Party’. Jackson was born in Tennessee, he supported the power of businesses, he was quite violent, but a great leader. On the other hand, Henry Clay was a part of the Whig party, sometimes known as the Republican party. He believed in the growth of the economy and businesses. His party…show more content…
Clay was born in Virginia, but started his political career in Kentucky. He believed in compromise and consensus. Opposite to Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay believed democracy would destroy personal wealth. This novel is a great resource for people trying to learn more about the stances and ideals of Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay. Andrew Jackson was a great military leader, who was believed to be able to lead America as well as he led his men. He had little political background, but was still a very promising candidate. He was a great commander, he backed his thoughts with force. Although Jackson and Clay had some similar beliefs, they had some very different ideas on how the country should be led. The Democratic party chose Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson feared that democracy could’ve suffered at the hands of development, the opposite was thought by Henry Clay. Andrew Jackson was very against the growth of the new upcoming banking system in the
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