Meerkats Compare And Contrast

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The Suricata Suricatta, commonly known as Meerkats, are small mammals that belong to the mongoose family. They have adapted to live in a warm environments in order to survive. Meerkats are also an attraction in many zoos around the world. Meerkats in the wild differ from meerkats in captivity, however they do all have the same characteristics. Throughout this paper we will discuss the similarities to meerkats in the wild and meerkats in captivity.
Meerkats are a mammal that has a large black nose, tiny black ears, and long tails that have a black tip. Meerkats measure about ten to fourteen inches in length excluding their tail, and the length of their tail measures seven to ten inches. Male meerkats weigh around 1.61 pounds and females weigh
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In zoos meerkats feed on mice, worms, and other insects. In captivity they can live upto fifteen years which is longer than in the wild. Meerkats still continue to dig burrows, or tunnels, in their enclosures at the zoo. In zoos meerkats do not have to learn survival skills like meerkats in the wild. While in the zoo meerkats spend time laying in the sun and digging.
Captivity can have some negative effects on meerkats in the zoo. A meerkats immune system becomes very weak in captivity and they become prone to sickness and diseases. Mental illnesses are more common in meerkats that live their lives confined in enclosures at the zoos. Meerkats at the zoo also have been found to suffer from chronic stress. Meerkats in zoos also suffer more from obesity, than meerkats found in the wild.
Meerkats that live in the wild are found in the deserts areas and grasslands of Africa. Three main areas where these certain wild animals are found are Southwestern Botswana, Western and Southern Namibia, and North and West South Africa. When in the wild meerkats average around the age of ten. Meerkats measure to about seventeen to twenty-four inches in length including their tail. Male meerkats typically weigh a bit more than females who typically weigh a fourth pound less than male meerkats. Meerkats are small animals that are often considered cute, just due to their
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Meerkats in captivity are often put under massive amounts of stress, which causes mental disorders. Meerkats that live in captivity rarely reproduce, because they are separated from their opposite gender. Meerkats in the wild make their own tools and toys, but while in captivity they do not get that opportunity. Wild Meerkats live a happier and healthier lifestyle. It is safer for meerkats to live out their lives in the wild rather than to remain in captivity and face the possibility of obesity, mental illnesses, and the inability to use there curious brains to make

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